Sunday, December 2, 2012

F&F Engagement 411

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Engagement Video

Today, specifically on a rainy Sunday, I'm trying to get our engagement video up so we could share with the rest of the family (family means friends too in my dictionary). Since the internet at home is not really working, I'm here at Coffee Bean stealing their wifi for my selfish needs. Back to the video. Funny story, we never really wanted to get engaged. Tying up the airy knot by just doing the whole "will you marry me?" proposal and get to the wedding day straight. Truth is, we can't wait to get married and just be together. But the parenting team wanted to make it official so 2 days before the engagement day, I asked Farrina to be our official videographer. She was like"WHHH???". 

Too bad for her, she had no way out and I was cornering her like a dog trying to attack a little kitten at a mamak stall. She said, "I'm no good with videos, Pedd". I said, "I don't mind. I want it to look raw like a home video anyway. And I will be editing the videos, so don't worry". Both of us had the word "PERFECT" on our minds.

So the day came and gone and now, after almost a month, the video is finally ready. We wanna credit Bloc Party for the song we use on the video. Also, extending this warm and humble gratitude to those who made the day a successful event and for the endless support given throughout. Next post, THE VIDEO!!!

The bride and groom-to-be being all cacat.



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