Friday, December 13, 2013

Join us in the woods

In the secrecy sworn by these bunch, the wedding took place in a secret jungle.

Quoted to be  the most beautiful and inspiring wedding concept seen in Malaysia.

We celebrate the love in lights, with roosters, tortoises, fishes, cats, close friends and dear family.


Thursday, December 12, 2013

She paints and serenades the world

I paint. What's new?

Series: "Eyes"

Series: "Java" - WIP

Series: "Women"

What's new is that I'm letting them go. Our small studio space is infested with new artwork including manhusband's - who paints now. We need to grow, we need space for us to do more music and art.

5 have been sold, now waiting for some art space to pick up my work and off they all go.

Inspiration -

I get inspired by surrealism that I get in my dreams when I sleep. The vivid colours and most are dark. Deep in the corners of my mind which are not projected in real life. Real life is pretty fake to me. Dreams can get as real as it could.

One artist at the top of my list now who have been my source of inspiration.

Michael Curry;

(image courtesy of


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