Saturday, July 23, 2011

Emerald is the colour

I changed my blog background and picture

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

a juvenile achievement

we reached almost 2000 chatters last night.

quite a wonderful and yummy experience.

Not an alco. Just a Twitter ho'.

I'm a twitter addict now. But since I have so much opinions and thoughts, think I should start writing here again.

My tweets are usually so random. I also use it to communicate with friends via twitter. Right now I have 585 followers. I feel like having more following my tweets, not thoughts.

Crushes, crashes, are all in there. Follow me if you may. But what is twitter for actually?

Why Anha San Foundation has no updates

After the success of the 1st batch of ASF, I decided I should come out with my own 'barang'. Barang as in my own product which I can market it as apart ASF. Means whatever profit I make, I will put it to good use, charity or anything that's related to ASF's branding.

Somehow along the way, Anha San got hired. Yes, HIRED. So all the time and energy had been put into this thing called 'work'. Hmm.

A. Samad Said would call me 'Golongan Carma'. What to do.

Owh! And her song is out on Youtube!

Anak Ikan goes alco

[12/13/2010 2:42:25 PM] anak_ikan: Hi
[12/13/2010 2:42:49 PM] Farhana Razali: hello
[12/13/2010 2:43:28 PM] anak_ikan: Do your work my dear!
[12/13/2010 2:43:41 PM] Farhana Razali: hahaha. skype is my work
[12/13/2010 2:43:45 PM] Farhana Razali: not kidding
[12/13/2010 2:44:43 PM] anak_ikan: Brb,sembahyg first.hehe.I dah lama Tak Buka this skype
[12/13/2010 2:44:57 PM] Farhana Razali: cool
[12/13/2010 3:00:38 PM] anak_ikan: Hi there
[12/13/2010 3:01:03 PM] Farhana Razali: hey. dah sembahyang?
[12/13/2010 3:01:29 PM] anak_ikan: Dah,doa for u n your family too
[12/13/2010 3:01:51 PM] Farhana Razali: cool! :P
[12/13/2010 3:02:14 PM] Farhana Razali: whatchu doing later?
[12/13/2010 3:02:42 PM] anak_ikan: If u pray,don't forget abt me k:)
[12/13/2010 3:03:06 PM] anak_ikan: I hav to stay home,takde kerete:(
[12/13/2010 3:04:33 PM] Farhana Razali: what do you want mw to pray for you?
[12/13/2010 3:05:26 PM] anak_ikan: Just normal stuff,I
[12/13/2010 3:05:33 PM] Farhana Razali: like?
[12/13/2010 3:06:22 PM] anak_ikan: Find my peace n I won't stop to praying
[12/13/2010 3:06:33 PM] Farhana Razali: that's a good one :)
[12/13/2010 3:07:44 PM] Farhana Razali: what did you pray for me? (sibuk nak tau kan?)
[12/13/2010 3:07:48 PM] anak_ikan: I'm scared I'll get carried away with stuff.
[12/13/2010 3:08:07 PM] Farhana Razali: ??
[12/13/2010 3:08:55 PM] anak_ikan: Hehe I prayed for u n your family to always close to god.
[12/13/2010 3:11:45 PM] anak_ikan: coz sometimes we lupa god,bila happy kita selalu lupa.sepatutnye bila happy la lagi close to Allah
[12/13/2010 3:16:58 PM] Farhana Razali: thats true
[12/13/2010 3:17:05 PM] Farhana Razali: you're a good man
[12/13/2010 3:17:08 PM] Farhana Razali: or boy..
[12/13/2010 3:17:13 PM] Farhana Razali: or anak ikan..
[12/13/2010 3:17:20 PM] Farhana Razali: a hot anak ikan i mean
[12/13/2010 3:20:04 PM] anak_ikan: Hahahahaha,old Anak ikan.
[12/13/2010 3:20:21 PM] Farhana Razali: really?
[12/13/2010 3:20:29 PM] Farhana Razali: no la. still lookin good.
[12/13/2010 3:20:32 PM] Farhana Razali: i'm old.
[12/13/2010 3:20:46 PM] Farhana Razali: looks like a mak ikan
[12/13/2010 3:20:53 PM] Farhana Razali: ikan emas. mata besar
[12/13/2010 3:21:28 PM] Farhana Razali: jap, nak turun bawah jap
[12/13/2010 3:22:38 PM] anak_ikan: Mega hot Mak ikan,baik,cute n yes mata besar

Now the Anak Ikan is a alcohol drinking man. Not a boy anymore. Not judging. Just saying.


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